Das Zigeunerrad

Der Wunsch, die Zukunft zu enthüllen, wird dir mit diesem Buch ein leichtes sein.
Zeit ist kostbar. Mit diesem Buch lernt man in kurzer Zeit das Kartenlegen. Gerhard von Lentner hat ein altes Karten Legesystem neu aufbereitet. Diese leicht erlernbare Schnelllegemethode ermöglicht es in kürzester Zeit, Zukunftsfragen zu beantworten. Man erhält in wenigen Augenblicken eindeutig ein Ja oder ein Nein auf seine Fragen.
Sollte ein eindeutiges Ja oder Nein nicht genügen, dann geben die Karten auch ausführlichere Antworten auf die Fragen. Verwendbar sind die 32 klassischen Karten, die wir hierzulande kennen.
Nach der von Gerhard von Lentner neu entwickelten Schnelllegemethode kann man auch für andere die Karten in Kürze legen und diese befragen.
Die Methode ist schnell, einfach und gut: Es bereitet Freude, DAS ZIGEUNERAD zu befragen!

Singer Dr. B…

Singer Dr. B… was born in Linz/D, Austria EU. He grew up in a castle – Schloss Neuhaus OÖ in Austria EU.  

Since he was a young boy, music has been his life passion. Unfortunately his family did not support his dream to become a singer. 

Singer Dr. B… ended up working in many different jobs. For some time he even worked as a steward on the luxury German cruise liner “MS Bremen” – Hapag Lloyd – ! This life detour cost Singer Dr. B… many precious years away from music talent. 

After a lot of hurdles, 1972 he made it to the stage and he had the opportunity to sing live at the UNION PLAZA Hotel Casino in Las Vegas 1972 – where he met some famous stars like Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Sammy David Jr. and others … 

When Singer Dr. B… came back from the USA in 1974, he visited his family in Passau, Germany. His family lived at this time in a castle “Veste Burg Niederhaus” in Passau. Singer Dr. B… stayed there for several months and began writing his books.  

“Napoleon Bonaparte” had lived several times in this castle in 1805 and 1806 in – “Veste Oberhaus” and “Veste Burg Niederhaus in Passau/Germany.

Again his family wanted nothing to know about music, so Singer Dr. B… ended up going back to Linz/D and Vienna where he began to play music as a DJ in very well know Discotheques and Night Clubs … ! By then he started earning good money which enabled him to start a new life. 

At this time, in order to enhance his singing talent, Singer Dr. B… attended Music Conservatorium PRAYNER in Vienna and private classes in Vienna/Austria and in Munich/Germany. 

The last 4 years Singer Dr. B…, besides singing, has also been composing and writing songs. 

The years of effort and hard work combined with his love for music can be seen in his latest creations covering different music topics.  

Furthermore Singer Dr. B… is supporting young talented students to achieve their goals by motivating, comforting and arming them with hope and strength for the future in the framework of his motto: “Never give up on your dreams even when others do not understand you.”

​He works closely together with JUCAPA, McARP and Piotr Kościk.

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